Truck Load Service

We can transport your dry or temperature controlled freight on our line of Dry Van and Reefer Trailers. Our equipment is able to move a variety of loads including but not limited to general freight, household goods, machinery, recreational vehicles, grocery and food products, and many others.

LTL (Less than Truckload) Service

If you need to move a small number of packages, skids or other items we can help. Our LTL service works with you to provide timely delivery and at the lowest possible price. In addition, our Straight trucks allow us to pickup and deliver to tight downtown areas as well as other difficult to service spaces.

Flat Deck, Drop Deck and High Bed Service

We can provide expert Flat deck, Drop deck and High bed service anywhere on our routes. We have experience hauling machinery and equipment, building materials, steel, pipe, wire coils, pre-cast concrete and a host of other specialty or oversize items. We have the specific equipment you need for your project. 


Hot Shot Service

A “Hot Shot” is a last minute shipment and we can provide Hot Shot Service anytime to anywhere. If you need a package, skid, or even truckload to move right away we are able to help.